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I See Worlds

performance and painting, 2021


How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found, Typography centre, Krasnodar, 2021 Curated by Ekaterina Schcherbakova

“The artist can be more accurately viewed as the "catalyst" in relational art, rather than being at the center.”

Nicolas Bourriaud

The project is a search for a collective identity where the specificity of the relational aesthetics approach to art allows us to rethink the classical medium of painting and the idea of artist-creator inextricably linked to it.

The experience of the artist and the participants in the performative act of creating the painting elevates it the meaning of social sculpture, in which a community is built through the collective process of working on the painting.

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 12.29.29.png

During the performance, which is a part of the project, I explored the possibilities of synesthesia by depicting the auras of the participants on canvas in an attempt to create a collective image.

I interacted with each person for 5-7 minutes, found out their their name, hold their hand, looked into their eyes and then slightly above the head. When a color sensation arose, I described it in words to them, mixed oil paint with solvent and applied it to the canvas. The process was a game: the participants had already associated themselves with a certain color and, in 9 out of 10 cases, my feeling coincided with their idea. It felt exciting for everyone.


All the participants opened up to me allowing me to see their worlds and map them on this giant and beautiful painting, which wouldn’t have turned out like that had it been painted by me alone.

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