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All The Others Inside Me

diptych, 230x160 cm each part, MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS, 2022

untitled dyptich.jpg

For me, painting is about coming face to face with what our culture unconsciously fears. I work a lot with what has historically been considered "feminine" labels: bright colors, strong emotions, physicality and sexuality. I deliberately use clichés such as butterflies, hearts, flowers. To achieve vibrant and translucent colors, andmulti-layered shades, I use the canvas as a material object and work on both sides of it. Nicolas Audureau said these paintings leave an impression of an actinic effect of absolute fragility. The colors look so intense as if their chemical composition has been altered by UVs or X-rays.


There is often a hidden fear of or aversion to color. David Bahelor calls it chromophobia. He writes that subconscious forms of sexism are hidden behind the rejection of color. In the 16th century Italy, color was reduced to femininity and superficiality, while line and color began to be opposed. The color was perceived as feminine or oriental and therefore dangerous and irrational because it could evoke strong emotions in the viewer. The line was considered noble, masculine, and rational.


Discrimination of color, depreciation of human feelings make me think that now there is nothing but black and white. It is a trap for the mind, in which it is not easy to feel inner freedom and hope for change, energy, and vitality. I don't know what can be more serious than human feelings. And while sympathy is blunted by propaganda and the world is polarized, I believe it is important to continue to break down rigid hierarchies and build a heart-to-heart dialogue.

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