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Since May 2022 Avrora has been operating a residency for artists, scholars, and cultural workers displaced as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The residency provides accommodation and studio access in central Istanbul where people can live, work, and organise events. The residents are not required to produce a work but are offered assistance should they decide to. The primary goal of the residency is to provide support to migrating cultural workers. 


Avrora can help with the following:

  • Provide accommodation in a central location in Istanbul.

  • Provide access to a 100m2 studio in the Şişli district.

  • Provide administrative and legal guidance with residence/work permits, housing, banking, etc.

  • Help search for a long term accommodation and work opportunities.

  • Connect with professionals in cultural and education fields.

  • Arrange introductory courses to Turkish language, politics, history, and culture.


  • Organise public events such as screenings, exhibitions, presentations, lectures, dinners, and networking meetings.

  • Create a friendly communal atmosphere necessary for a psychological relief from the stresses of migration.

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